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Air Sealing

Most homes lose between 40% and 60% of their conditioned air due to leakage every hour.  This level of leakage can account for 40% of your heating and cooling costs. Additionally, air leaks make a home feel drafty.

 What is it?

Air leakage can be reduced using a variety of tools such as expanding foam, caulking, airtight can light kits, weatherstripping .  Most homes leakage can be reduced between 15% and 50% using these methods.

The Stack Effect

The stack effect occurs in all homes. Simply stated, hot air rises, and escapes through the attic. As this air escapes, your home pulls in more cold air through the foundation and lower extremities in order to maintain the balance of pressure pre-existing in your home.

Many drafts that you feel are the direct result of the stack effect. Good air-sealing and a continuous air barrier between the attic and the home’s conditioned (living) space are important, not only to save energy and reduce fuel bills, but also to prevent moisture problems in the attic.

Sealing the foundation will further slow the stack effect. Sealing the sides (such as doors, windows, walls, outlets, etc.) will reduce more localized drafts.

Air Sealing

NACH Rating

  • 1.0 & Higher- Sever air leakage
  • .75 to .99- Extremely leaky
  • .50 to .74- Very leaky
  • .35 to .49 Fairly leaky
  • .20 to .34 Fairly airtight (goal for most homes)
  • .10 to .19 Very airtight (Mechanical ventilation needed)
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Energy Geeks performed an energy audit and based on the results of the audit, sealed the attic and added blown insulation in the attic.

My city and energy provider was offering rebates of energy efficiency improvements, so I contacted several insulation installation companies for quotes. Energy Geeks was not the cheapest option but, Paul did the best job explaining what was needed to do the job right. While performing the energy audit, Paul showed me the various ways the cold air was getting in and more importantly where warm air was leaving the house. He pointed out many small things that I could do myself to improve the efficiency of my home. When Energy Geeks sealed the attic and installed the insulation they arrived on time, were professional and cleaned everything before they left.
Energy Geeks was a pleasure to work with.

Kevin M., Denver CO April 23, 2019

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I thought you might like to know. I received a usage comparison report (from Xcel Energy) showing I am more energy efficient than the my most energy efficient neighbors!

Jan Harris April 23, 2019